SeedLA Executive Team

  • President
    Naomi Tamrat
  • Strategy & Operations
    • President
      Nina Tompkin
      Program Director
  • Marketing & Communications
    • President
      Olivia Walker
      Internal Vice President
  • External Relations
    • President
      Wendy Yu
      Director of Strategic Partnerships

our projects

  • Bresee Foundation

    Conduct a survey of Bresee staff, students, and community members on how they envision the future of Bresee's greenspace, identify potential partnerships, and make a recommendation to Bresee on how best to utilize allocated resources to build up and maintain the space.

  • EarthShare California

    Understand demographics and trends of specific EarthShare California (ESCA) contributors, analyze successful sustainable fundraising campaigns from similar organizations, and recommend updated fundraising models.

  • City of Los Angeles

    Analyze “Gateway to Green” data from the last 2 years of inspections to understand trends in building energy retrofits needed and map findings against existing LADWP rebates.

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