Empowering Leaders to Shape a Sustainable Future

Welcome to Seed Consulting Group

Empowering leaders to shape a sustainable future

Who We Are

We are a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that provides pro-bono consulting to influential organizations pioneering a healthier and more environmentally sustainable California. Our consultants are high achieving outliers from a broad range of industries and academic disciplines with an insatiable desire to serve. We have thriving chapters across the state in Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Francisco.

What We Do


Data Analysis

We analyze large datasets to create meaningful insights that drive your strategic decision-making.
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Business Development

We help nonprofits identify partnerships or acquisition opportunities to grow your organization and scale its impact.
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Marketing & Strategy

We help nonprofits identify, understand, and engage your stakeholders to better serve your customers, donors, beneficiaries, and community.
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Environmental Impact

We help nonprofits create strategies for achieving zero waste, increasing renewable energy use, or measuring the environmental impact of their organization.
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Why We Do it

In 2014, we saw a need for an innovative partnership between professionals and nonprofits to tackle California’s urgent environmental and sustainability challenges. Nonprofits are dedicated towards helping our urban and natural environments, but often lack funding and resources to scale their impact. Everyday professionals are passionate about the environment, but don’t have a way to use their skills to make a difference.

Whether there is a need for zero waste, carbon neutrality, or the protection of our natural watersheds, wildlife, and wilderness, we know change doesn’t happen by accident. We believe change begins by bringing remarkable people together from diverse backgrounds to solve grand challenges. We view Seed as that incubator to bring people and nonprofits together to collaborate on projects and catalyze nonprofit impact while building the next generation of environmentally conscious leaders.

  • Solving Sustainability Challenges

    We provide environmental nonprofits, or nonprofits implementing sustainability initiatives, with diverse teams of volunteer professionals to help them solve a problem, pro-bono.

  • Catalyzing Impact

    We focus on scoping projects with nonprofits that have measurable outcomes and produce the biggest bang for the buck on people and planet.

  • Building Leaders

    Seed is designed as a “learn in the trenches” experiential-learning model. Our volunteers are exceptional leaders and experts in their industry or profession. When Seeders join a diverse team and work “in the trenches together” on a consulting project, we believe Seeders learn valuable professional skills and leadership lessons that equip them for greater success in the future. We also believe working closely with inspirational nonprofits on environmental projects creates greater awareness, excitement, and passion for sustainability issues among Seeders, thereafter grooming the volunteer to be a future leader that makes decisions with both people and planet in mind.

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Our Network

Seed is a chapter based organization of volunteers who partner with nonprofits in their local communities.

Whether an engineer at SpaceX, a PhD at UCLA, a marketing manager in healthcare, or a partner at a law firm, our volunteers, called Seeders, come from all industries and walks of life. Seeders are passionate leaders seeking to use their knowledge and skills to make a difference in their community and the world of sustainability. Seeders are fun high-achieving outliers who support one another, who are celebrated for their differences, and who bring their personal swag to everything they do in Seed.

How you can help

Seed is constantly on the lookout for those excited about being involved in something much bigger than themselves. There are many different ways to get involved in the Seed organization, but the first step is reaching out and finding out more about the opportunities that exist.

Whether you are looking to become a Seed consultant, want to know more about having Seed consultants work for your nonprofit, partnering with seed, or just donating to the cause, there is a place for everyone.

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