About us

In 2014, we saw a need for an innovative partnership between professionals and nonprofits to tackle California's urgent environmental problems. Since our inception, we have grown to 3 thriving chapters with over 85 consultants and 36 completed projects in Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Francisco.

Our Vision

We believe in a beautiful world in which our natural and business environments thrive in harmony.

Our Mission

We empower leaders to shape a sustainable future. We know change doesn’t happen by accident. We view Seed as an incubator that transforms today’s high achieving outliers into tomorrow’s environmentally conscious leaders.

Our Purpose

We provide pro bono consulting to environmental organizations pioneering a healthier and more sustainable planet

Our Values

As a seeder,
I never let a fellow seeder fail
I serve by making an impact, not a report
I bring my intellect, experience, and personal swag to everything I do

Our Leadership

Ryan Platt | Chief Financial Officer

Christian Johnson | Chief Executive Officer

Noah Olsman | Chief Analytics Officer

Jennifer Ho | Chief Development Officer

Emily Rogers | Chief Marketing Officer

Andrew Garcia | Chief Operations Officer

Glen Liu | SeedOC President

Jess Walker | SeedSF President

Brian Stern | SeedLA President